Tech Tip Tuesday: How Power-Packer helps ensure an efficient and safe asphalt plant

Asphalt plant

Tech Tip Tuesday: How Power-Packer helps ensure an efficient and safe asphalt plant


Asphalt projects, whether the site is permanent or portable, need to run safely and efficiently, and several factors support that process: work site preparation, the ongoing production process and minimal downtime. Power-Packer has the stabilization products to ensure rapid and safe deployment and reduce downtime at your work site.

Worksite: Simple setup and stable support
Easily integrated into a hydraulic system, Power-Packer stabilization legs are designed to handle projects of all sizes, whether they’re temporary or permanent. Simplify your overall setup process, and eliminate cribbing, with our rapidly deploying, run-on stabilization legs. If you’re working at a remote site on uneven terrain, we also offer plus or minus five-degree swivel shoes, up to 16 inches in diameter, to handle highly dynamic loads. From crushers, conveyors and screens to sand or wash plants, mixers and dryers, our stabilization or jack legs will steady and support your portable equipment.

Stability and safety for your project’s duration
In the asphalt industry, our 5- and 6-inch stiff or run-on style legs, with a lift capacity of up to 70,000 pounds per leg, are the right fit to support mobile rock crushing equipment. Once your equipment is raised to operating height, heavy-duty pins, constructed to support forces equivalent to the lift capacity, lock in place to keep equipment secure for the duration of the project.

With extensive truck traffic on a work site, there always is a chance of collisions or other accidents. Power-Packer’s stabilization legs have an integrated valve block and dual counterbalance valves to provide overload protection and positive load holding in case of damage while the leg is under load.

Our stabilization legs also offer ergonomic advantages. “Trucker shoulder” is one of the leading injuries faced by drivers. Power-Packer’s auto-boost stabilization systems mean a driver simply presses a button to extend stabilization legs, saving time and preventing injuries.

Minimizing maintenance and contamination
Dust is a common issue at asphalt plants. Keep stone dust out of your hydraulic circuit and improve operational efficiency with our stabilization legs. The unique design helps maximize our products’ lifespan, because the tube-in-tube structure ensures dust won’t contaminate the hydraulic system during setup or operation. Plus, the exposed sections of the stabilization legs are sealing surfaces, further preventing harm to the hydraulic circuit.

Saving time and budget
By eliminating the need for cribbing, stabilization legs also are a more cost-effective choice, because of they minimize time and necessary materials. Dealers and rental customers no longer need cribbing experience, simply level the equipment and lock the legs in place.

If you have questions about how to integrate Power-Packer stabilization systems into your asphalt plant, please contact our Customer Service team at