Power-Packer is a global supplier of hydraulic components for commercial vehicles, including work trucks, semi trailers, and cab over engine (COE) trucks, such as fire and rescue vehicles, yard trucks, delivery trucks and waste trucks. Our customized hydraulic engineering capabilities allow us to offer exactly what you need for your specific trucks and trailers.


  • Work Trucks: Power-Packer hydraulic outrigger systems stabilize work trucks, so they can safely lift their loads. Our customizable outriggers will fit seamlessly into your equipment.
  • Class 8 Semi Trailers: Air over hydraulic landing gear can quickly level the trailer with the dock for fast, efficient and safe loading and unloading. You’ll be on your way to your next stop without delay.
  • Cab Over Engine (COE) Trucks: Our cylinders, pumps and latches create safe lifting and holding power for heavy cabs on waste vehicles, yard trucks, delivery vans, and fire and rescue apparatus. If you have a COE design, call Power-Packer for the best cab tilt system available.

Power-Packer on-highway products include:

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