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What are the benefits of using Power-Packer products?

From aggregate and construction to power generation, and oil and gas, we’ll examine the advantages our products bring to your market and how we can partner with you to support your success.

Are you a systems integrator working in one of these key markets?

We’ll help you find the best Power-Packer products to incorporate into your stabilization solutions.

Stabilizing heavy-duty custom trailers

Heavy-duty, custom trailers are used to haul heavy equipment, usually more than 100,000 pounds, like cranes and construction vehicles. They may also be converted to a piece of portable equipment when paired with run-on machinery, like frack pumps, turbines, generators or rock crushers.

Common issues in these cases are:

  • Lift and hold capacity
  • Side-load capacity
  • Hydraulic drift
  • Safety

Power-Packer’s standard or heavy-duty, hydraulic jack legs are up to the challenge:

  • Standard and heavy-duty stabilization legs have an up to 85,000-pound hydraulic lift capacity.
  • Mechanical load holding capacity for standard hydraulic stabilization legs is up to 85,000 pounds, and heavy-duty legs have an up to 170,000-pound capacity
  • Heavy-duty stabilization legs have a 20% side-load capacity that prevents wind, ongoing equipment movement or other horizontal force factors from buckling or collapsing the legs.
  • Concerned about foreign object damage (FOD)? Our integrated load-holding valves and tube-in-tube design minimize the risk of hydraulic failure because components aren’t exposed to environmental factors. In the event of damage, valves lock in place, preventing leg collapse.
  • Add a Power-Packer proximity sensor to your stabilization system so an indicator light will remind the operator to retract the legs, increasing longevity, optimizing efficiency and reducing warranty costs. Proximity sensors have two settings, normally open or normally closed, depending on the preferred control logic. Multiple end-connector options are available depending on your preferred style.
  • Power-Packer also offers specialized engineering capabilities to custom design a stabilization system to fit the application.

Choose Power-Packer. Heavy loads are what we do best. Using our products means your operators and equipment will function efficiently and safely.