Hydraulic Stabilization Legs
and Outriggers

Custom-built for your application. Robust. Seamless. Safe. Long-lasting. Contamination-free. And easy-to-install. Power-Packer’s comprehensive line of hydraulic stabilization legs and outriggers is engineered for maximum power and performance.

Whatever your application, from heavy-duty on- or off-road equipment to lighter-duty work trucks, Power-Packer hydraulic motion control and stabilization systems offer superior performance to ensure a safer, more efficient work environment. Choose from a wide range of features and capabilities, along with bore sizes, load ratings and stroke lengths to best meet your needs.

Benefits to Your Bottom Line

  • Enhanced Productivity. Power-Packer’s innovative, flexible design allows you to optimize your in-house processes. Your custom hydraulic stabilization leg is shipped complete, with no disassembly or reassembly required.
  • Improved Safety. Integrated dual counterbalance valves provide a range of key safety benefits, including eliminating the potential for catastrophic failure when the valve is remotely located. Other advantages are a recessed placement to protect from external damage, a relieving function, protection against thermal expansion, integral load holding, positive load holding in case of pressure loss, reduced leak points and no external transfer tube. What’s more, SAE fittings provide significantly reduced leakage potential when compared to competitive NPT fittings.
  • Ease of Service. If repairs or replacement are necessary, Power-Packer’s bolt-on design facilitates removal without moving your equipment, for the most cost-effective and fastest return to normal operations.
  • Rugged, All-Weather Design. Power-Packer hydraulic stabilization legs and outriggers are built to stand up to the harshest working conditions. The durable lock nut construction provides solid support for your equipment no matter how rough your environment. Our legs are designed to withstand all temperatures, including extreme cold. The O-ring seals in each rod head prevent contamination between the support sleeve/weld tube and the cylinder outer tube. In addition, the dual cylinder guide rings help keep external contaminants out and offer lateral stability.

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