Hydraulic Landing
Gear Systems

Power-Packer air over hydraulic powered landing gear for trailers easily levels the trailer with the dock for quick and simple unloading or loading.

Customize our hydraulic landing gear for your unique need and your employees or customers can load, unload and move trailers with ease and efficiency — improving safety, productivity and job satisfaction.

To ensure optimal flexibility and performance, we offer a diverse range of high quality components to create the perfect front- or rear-mounted trailer landing gear system for your application. Front systems mount to existing trailer wing plates, while rear systems typically mount between rear dual tires on high cube, drop frame trailers. Whatever your need, Power-Packer engineers can help make the job easier and safer for everyone.

Benefits of Front and Rear Mount Landing Gear Systems

  • Front Mount. Provides fast, efficient coupling, especially under heavy loads. The trailer landing gear effortlessly levels the trailer on uneven ground, reducing potential operator injury and damage to trailer.
  • Rear Mount. Easily lifts trailers (up to 70,000 lbs.) to match dock height, ensuring a level surface between the dock and the trailer. This results in faster material transfer time and an increased opportunity for backhaul revenue.

Leg Assemblies

Power-Packer offers a wide range of leg sizes to fit just about any variety of truck, trailer and specialty vehicle chassis platform. Features include:

  • Booster option leg assemblies in 3.5” or 4” bore size
  • Stroke range from 15” to 30”
  • Non-exposed rods maximize corrosion protection, even in the harshest environments
  • No external transfer tube to bend or break reducing downtime and costly repairs
  • Strong, efficient leg design for maximum durability and reliability
  • Integrated shoe provides stability and minimizes ground penetration
  • Pilot-operated lock valve works even if hydraulic system pressure is lost
  • Easy-to-repair lock valves allow service without removing leg, minimizing time to repair

Control Box

Our air-powered control box converts emergency brake air supply (100 psi) into reliable lifting power. Choose from a standard control box with 50,000 lb. capacity or a heavy-duty system with a 70,000 lb. capacity and an auto booster option.

Auto Booster

The auto booster option for heavy-duty control boxes automatically extends legs at the push of a button for fastest, easiest operation.

Installation Kit

Power-Packer installation kits include all required hoses, fittings, connectors and hardware.

Split Collar Assemblies

These are required for bracing the leg assembly.

Matching Mounting Plates

When correct mounting points are not available, Power-Packer’s mounting plates make installation a snap.

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