Tech Tip Tuesday: Cab tilt products designed with the operator in mind

Tech Tip Tuesday: Cab tilt products designed with the operator in mind

Power-Packer North America offers a complete system of hydraulic cab tilt components, including latches, cylinders, pumps and cab suspensions. Power-Packer cab tilt systems are powerful and durable, engineered for harsh environments and the rigorous demands of on- and off-road equipment, military vehicles and fire and rescue vehicles. Designed with the operator in mind, our products provide an efficient and safe service and maintenance process, plus less vibration for a better ride, especially for yard trucks and refuse vehicles.


Power-Packer’s latch is the industry standard for securing two joints of a system. With up to a 10,000-pound vertical load capacity, and a lifespan of more than 9,000 cycles, our latches lock the cab for safe and secure travel. The compact, versatile design delivers strength and clearly indicates when the latch is engaged with a visual or electrical indicator. All Power-Packer latches lock mechanically and release hydraulically for increased safety.



Our cylinders offer a simple solution to your cab tilt needs. With dual-acting cylinders for cab-over-center applications, and single-acting cylinders for all other applications, Power-Packer’s cylinder portfolio covers your design requirements.

Our dual acting cylinders have hose connections at the base, minimizing hose movement during the tilting operation. A fixed return tube supplies pressure to the retract side of the piston to pull the cab back over center. We offer 1.5- to 2.5-inch bore cylinders capable of operating up to 5,000 psi. Our cab tilt cylinders come equipped with velocity fuses to prevent the cab from rapidly descending in the event of a hose or seal failure. For additional protection, we offer cylinders with integrated, pilot-operated check valves or dual counter-balance valves. These load-holding features protect the technicians working near the vehicle while the cab is tilted for maintenance.



Whether you need a basic hydraulic hand pump or a more advanced pump that activates at the touch of a button, Power-Packer has a variety of hydraulic pumps that will easily integrate into your application. Three options are available: Hand, air or electric.

The hand pump has an internal relief valve, set based on your system needs, so it can operate a single- or dual-acting cab tilt circuit. Lightweight and compact, these units operate simply and easily package into your system. Air pumps use 60 to 120 psi air pressure input and convert up to 3,500 psi of output pressure at the touch of a button. These units also come with a back-up hand pump in the event of air supply issues. Our 12V and 24V DC electric pumps also have a built-in start button and a back-up hand pump in case of a drained power supply. In addition, these pumps come with a connector that allows you to integrate a safety lock on the pump within your controls circuit, typically in conjunction with other safety devices such as a parking brake.

Cab suspension

Ride quality matters. When a truck rides better, the operator is happier, healthier, and more productive. CabCushion™, our cab suspension product, is crucial to enhancing driver comfort and reducing fatigue due to long hours behind the wheel. Power-Packer’s cab suspensions meet the rigorous demands of yard truck duty cycles. Each system comes with a height control valve that allows easy cab height adjustment and maintenance. The air pressure is adjustable up to a maximum of 120 psi to match the suspension load. In addition, these units mate with our latches, allowing for seamless integration into your cab tilt system.


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