Tech Tip Tuesday: Concrete applications, durable solutions

Tech Tip Tuesday: Concrete applications, durable solutions

Power-Packer offers several stabilization products to help ensure efficiency for heavy- and light-duty concrete applications and assist with rapid equipment deployment at a construction site.


Stabilization for concrete conveyors, truck-mounted concrete pumps and batch plants

With lift capacities of up to 85,000 pounds per leg, our heavy-duty stabilization legs can support your largest concrete application. Our unique design includes integrated load-holding valves to ensure safe operation, as well as mechanical lock outs if stabilization legs are supporting equipment for extended periods of time. Additionally, our custom-engineered, telescopic, hydraulic cylinders can quickly raise a conveyor or batch plant to operational height.

Stabilization for mobile screed and stationary concrete pump applications

Our light-duty stabilization legs are perfect for applications where legs need to be raised and lowered many times throughout the duty cycle. These legs have the added benefit of being lightweight for high-speed deployment.

Eliminating contamination, ensuring longevity

The design of our stabilization legs helps maximize the products’ lifespan. The tube-in-tube structure ensures dust won’t contaminate the hydraulic system during setup or operation. Plus, the exposed sections of the stabilization legs are sealing surfaces, further preventing harm to the hydraulic circuit.

Support for custom actuation requirements

Our custom-engineered hydraulic cylinders can support additional actuation requirements. From deploying conveyors, extending screeds, or maneuvering the chute or concrete pump in the correct location, our cylinders help solve your application needs.

Power-Packer also offers optional position sensors for stabilization legs and cylinders, so you know your equipment is fully ready for travel.

If you have questions about how to integrate Power-Packer stabilization systems into your concrete application, please contact our Customer Service team at