Off-highway equipment is put to the test every day in rigorous environments and on rough terrain. Underground drills, mobile all-terrain cranes, drill rigs, blasthole drills, rock crushers and similar type equipment demand a stabilization system that is robust and delivers maximum environmental tolerance, regardless of external conditions. Power-Packer hydraulic power systems are custom-designed for your most strenuous demands.


  • Mining: Power-Packer stabilization legs provide lifting and leveling for the toughest mining applications, such as drill rigs.
  • Oil & Gas: Our powerful legs and hydraulic motors provide the stabilization needed for trailers that transport sand towers and other key equipment in the critical energy industry.
  • Construction: Crushing plants, asphalt plants, mobile cranes and rough terrain cranes are just a few of the demanding applications that trust Power-Packer hydraulic legs. What’s more, the quick set-up and ease-of-installation saves your customers time and money.
  • Military: Power-Packer supplies customized hydraulic cylinders, latches and gear pumps to the military market to meet the extreme needs of medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

Power-Packer off-highway products include:

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