Tech Tip Tuesday: Does your equipment need a standard or heavy-duty stabilization leg?

Tech Tip Tuesday: Does your equipment need a standard or heavy-duty stabilization leg?

Selecting the right stabilization or jack leg is a critical step, especially for run-on machinery applications, like rock crushers, screening plant or mobile power generation equipment. In many cases, Power-Packer’s standard stabilization legs will do the job. Top traits of our standard stabilization legs include:

  • Lift capacity up to 85,000 pounds
  • Mechanical locking pins with 0.375-inch locking intervals
  • Plus or minus 5-degree swivel shoes, up to 16 inches in diameter

When a more robust solution is needed, our heavy-duty stabilization legs will better meet your design requirements.

Advantages of heavy-duty stabilization legs
Heavy-duty jack legs work best in situations that have a highly dynamic load during operation, like with mobile frac pumps where the load could easily change direction, position and magnitude. With a mechanical load holding capacity that is up to twice the hydraulic lift capacity, heavy-duty stabilization legs keep your equipment secure and safe in the most extreme conditions.

Our heavy-duty product line is also the best choice for rugged applications where the terrain is unpredictable or there are irregular surfaces, like in oil fields. With up to 20% side-load capacity, plus or minus 10-degree swivel shoes, and infinitely variable locking intervals due to the threaded barrel and lock nut, Power-Packer heavy-duty stabilization legs are equipped to handle any job site.

With a greater shoe swivel angle and larger shoe diameter, Power-Packer heavy-duty stabilization legs reduce ground pressure at normal loads, but still handle the high mechanical and dynamic loads, compared to our standard 16-inch diameter shoes. If necessary, heavy-duty shoes can be easily removed to reduce machine width during on-highway transportation.

Standard vs. heavy-duty stabilization legs: Capacity differences

Features Standard stabilization legs Heavy-duty stabilization legs
Lift capacity of 3000 psi Up to 85,000 pounds Up to 85,000 pounds
Mechanical load hold capacity Up to 85,000 pounds Up to 170,000 pounds
Side load capacity Up to 7,000 pounds Up to 15,000 pounds
Locking intervals 0.375 inches Infinitely variable
Shoe diameter 16 inches 24 inches
Shoe swivel angle +/- 5 degrees +/- 10 degrees

Heavy-duty stabilization legs also come with 14- or 20-degree swivel shoes, swiveling in all directions plus or minus 10 degrees. This larger diameter shoe reduces ground pressure at normal loads but still handles the high mechanical and dynamic loads. These swivel shoes are also easy to remove for travel, reducing machine width if needed.

If you have questions about the right Power-Packer stabilization legs for your application, contact our Customer Service team at