Power-Packer Actuators Are Making Tails Wag


Power-Packer Actuators Are Making Tails Wag

Manual Medi-Jack Safely Lifts Dogs for Therapy

Over the years, Power-Packer has had some very positive reactions to our products from customers and end-users. But perhaps our favorite is the resounding tail wag we get from dogs who feel and move better.

Power-Packer proudly supplies self-contained hydraulic actuators — also known as the manual medi-jack — to VetSystems, a South Carolina-based manufacturer of high-quality, effective canine hydrotherapy and rehabilitation products. Our actuator is part of the company’s canine lift, that is used in conjunction with its popular whirlpool therapy tub.Power-Packer

“Animal physical therapy is expanding at an enormous rate,” noted Ken Becker, president of VetSystems. “VetSystems offers world-class, patented technology that enables veterinarians to enhance their quality of care and provide exceptional, effective treatments.” He added, “Since we developed our proprietary system, we’ve seen a constant rise of interest and implementation from veterinarians and the public, knowing they now have the ability to provide their canine family members effective rehabilitation and pain management.”

VetSystems whirlpool therapy tub

Want to see the VetSystems whirlpool therapy tub in action? Click to watch a YouTube video at a VetSystems client.

Just like physical therapy for humans, physical rehabilitation for a dog helps improve fitness and maximizes mobility, comfort, and quality of life. Surgery, injury, old age, certain neurological conditions and obesity, can make even basic activities challenging and painful for canines.

Becker shared, “The Vetsystems whirlpool and lift can increase life expectancy by reducing the need for certain osteoarthritis drug treatments and by promoting endorphin release and general relaxation through soothing massage. It helps to decrease post-surgical healing time, control swelling and pain, and speed wound and bone healing.”

Power-Packer’s self-contained manual lift hydraulic actuator is a reliable, cost-effective solution for human and animal patient handling and lifting,” commented Brandy Radomski, Power-Packer customer service representative. “Our smooth action hydraulic system consists of a pump, reservoir, cylinder and valve, all combined in a maintenance-free design built to exact customer standards for years of trouble-free operation.”

High-quality, hard-working American-made components are integral to the design of all VetSystem products.

“Since we started using the Power-Packer cylinder, VetSystems have had zero failures,” Becker said. “One cylinder needed a new seal after 13 years of cycling approximately 12-15 times a day, 6 days a week.” He added, “We are very pleased with the Power-Packer product and will continue to use it in our lifts.”