Michael Hamman: Follow the opportunities for a successful engineering career

Michael Hamman: Follow the opportunities for a successful engineering career

The goal of National Engineers Week is to increase the understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers, ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce. We asked some of our engineers about the characteristics that help someone considering an engineering career, the skills that help an engineer be successful and the best career advice they’ve ever received.


National Engineers Week


An engineering supervisor with Power-Packer North America, Michael Hamman described the characteristics and qualities that he believes would help someone considering the field of engineering. “Patience is one quality that I have developed in my career and found very useful,” he said. “Engineering has a lot to do with working with people and is primarily about meeting people’s needs. It takes patience to really understand people and their needs.” 

Hamman highlighted one specific skill he believes helps an engineer be successful. “The ability to see the big picture is one of the most important skills for an engineer,” he said. “It is useful in troubleshooting, design concept generation and organizational interaction.” 

For those considering an engineering career, Hamman shared the best career advice he’s received. “Follow the opportunities. Always look for ways to impact the people you work with and for. But also remember that no opportunity is forever, so do the best you can with your current opportunity while keeping your eyes open for opportunities as they present themselves. This is not only applicable to your career, but I believe it is a good life principle.” 


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