Systems for
Work Trucks

Specifically designed for your work truck application, our customizable hydraulic system securely stabilizes the truck and provides safer working conditions for operators, while protecting your customer’s assets.

Options for these hard-working service truck stabilizers include a 12V electric/hydraulic pump and touchpad control, hydraulic stabilizing legs with dual pilot-operated check valves, and a long power-out cylinder for consistent, fast outrigger extension and retraction. Power-Packer can also supply the wire harnesses, hoses and accessories needed — making installation simple and fast. Choose Power-Packer’s hydraulic stabilization legs for your work trucks and get ready to raise your performance, safety and cost-savings.

  • Up to 14,000 lbs. boom stabilization capacity
  • Protected 36” to 42” outrigger extension
  • 20” leg stroke
  • Optimized 2-1/4” or 3” bore sizes
  • Universal mount capability under and over frame for maximum flexibility
  • Internal dual pilot-operated check valves to better stabilize truck and enhance safety
  • SAE work ports for reduced leak potential
  • Low friction slideout for outrigger
  • Choose round or square stabilizing legs to fit your application
  • Option to run off a PTO or self-contained power unit

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