Hydraulic Stabilization
System Components

Power-Packer offers a variety of high-performing hydraulic stabilization components to give you the optimal system for almost any on- or off-road vehicle or equipment.

All are designed to withstand severe operating elements and offer years of safe, trouble-free operation.

Choose from:

Electric/Hydraulic System Control Boxes

Often used with off-highway hydraulic stabilization systems, Power-Packer’s electric/hydraulic control boxes feature a self-contained power source and are available in a variety of configurations to meet your unique application. Our patented flow restrictor controls retraction. Other features or these hydraulic power packs include an oil reservoir with a level gauge for optimal productivity. Power-Packer control boxes are available with one to six valves and a 6.5-, 11- or 13-gallon reservoir.

Gasoline Engine Driven Hydraulic Power Unit

Power-Packer’s self-contained gas-powered units provide fast, no-hassle set up of your equipment. Each unit includes a battery, charging system, and a manual override pull start. The gas electronic ignition engine has a 12-volt DC starter and meets EPA emission standards. These units have an 11-gallon reservoir for long-term performance.

Hydraulic Valve Assemblies

Our hydraulic control valve assemblies utilize a motor spool configuration. This ensures that the load is securely held by the load-holding valves at the leg, and not at the control valve, with the additional benefit that the hoses are only pressurized when the leg is in motion. Power-Packer hydraulic valves also include integral flow controls to provide a chatter-free descent control.

Mounting Plates and Accessories

Power-Packer offers a variety of mounting plates and accessories constructed of strong, heavy-gauge steel with versatile mounting holes. Our engineers can help you choose the best components for your unique application.

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