For Patient Handling, the Power-Packer MK5 Will Raise Your Expectations

For Patient Handling, the Power-Packer MK5 Will Raise Your Expectations

When caring for patients, ease of operation and installation, along with consistent, dependable performance are critical. Power-Packer’s self-contained MK5 hydraulic actuator is a reliable, cost-effective solution for a wide range of patient handling and lifting devices. Its smart, intuitive design combines a pump, cylinder, valves and reservoir into one compact, maintenance-free unit, giving you years of trouble-free operation and trusted performance.

Every MK5 hydraulic actuator includes an installed pressure relief and flow control valve to ensure smooth descent for optimal patient comfort regardless of weight. Plus, the compact, self-contained unit fits just about anywhere.

Designed for Comfort and Ease

  • Self-contained, zero-maintenance design
  • Quiet and smooth performance
  • Reliable load-holding capability
  • Simple installation and operation
  • No external source of power required allowing you to work straight through power outages
  • Available in lengths from 80-500 mm
    Maximum dynamic push force of up to 10 kN (2,248 lbs.)



Customers Love Our Bedside Manner
Our MK5 is used extensively in medical beds to offer movement that supports patient treatment and comfort. Beds can move up, down, right, left, knee raise, back raise, or Trendelenburg. Other common applications include physical therapy tables, stretchers, wheelchairs, lifts, and procedure tables.
Power-Packer engineers can add pedal shafts, pads and covers to construct a complete system to meet your needs. Contact us now.



Learn More About Our Medical Solutions

Power-Packer offers a full range of systems for your medical positioning and lifting needs. Our talented engineers can also customize hydraulic actuators to fit your unique applications. Click to download our medical product brochure.

Need a Hydraulic Solution? We’re Here to Help.
The majority of products and systems shipped by Power-Packer require some degree of customization. Our skilled engineers are standing by to work with you to develop hydraulic position and motion control solutions that precisely fit your needs and allow you and your customers to work smarter, safer and more efficiently. Contact us now.

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