Let Hydraulic Landing Gear Do the Heavy Lifting

Let Hydraulic Landing Gear Do the Heavy Lifting

Landing gear is a key trailer component, providing both safety and efficiency for a driver at the beginning and end of a haul. These legs keep the trailer stable when it isn’t attached to a tractor or cab.

According to the American Trucking Association, there are approximately six million trailers on U.S. roads today. Most trailers currently in use are equipped with manual landing gear, which requires the operator to crank the legs up or down, sometimes up to 10 times per day. A manual landing gear system is relatively low cost and does the job required, although over time, the cranking can take its toll on both humans and equipment.

Drop-frame trailers, which are lower to the ground to enhance interior cargo space, bring new safety, time and ergonomic challenges to the operator of a trailer equipped with manual landing gear. As the trailer’s low level design doesn’t align with a standard dock, loading or unloading becomes difficult without raising the trailer to the necessary height.

Power-Packer’s hydraulic solution
The experts at Power-Packer have perfected an air over hydraulic-powered landing gear system that can be customized to any application to easily level a trailer with a dock for fastest, easiest loading and unloading.

To ensure optimal flexibility and performance, we offer a diverse range of high quality components to create the perfect front or rear mounted landing gear system for any application. Front systems mount to existing trailer wing plates, while rear systems typically mount between rear dual tires on high cube, drop-frame trailers.

Key Features of Power-Packer Hydraulic Landing Gear

  • System includes a control box, two stabilization legs, and accessory kits for installation
  • System is powered by the emergency air brake supply on trailers and can lift up to 70,000 lbs.
  • It can be mounted in the rear or front of trailer
  • A variety of leg sizes are available, including 3.5” or 4” bores, and strokes ranging from 15” -24.5”


Power-Packer’s hydraulic landing gear system has the power to lift the rear of the trailer and align it with the dock, for fastest loading and unloading. It also increases safety by easily leveling the trailer and dock, preventing accidents due to an uneven surface.


Tips for Sizing Your Landing Gear System

Ready to customize a landing gear system for your application? Here are tips to help you combine the right components for your need. Remember, Power-Packer engineers and sales professionals are readily available to answer your questions and provide guidance.

1. Determine the trailer weight to be lifted
Choose from < 50,000 lbs. or 50,000 to 70,000 lbs.

2. Choose your control box
We highly recommend the control box with auto boost for all applications, PN# 101676. It allows easy extension and retraction of legs with the push of a button.

Other lower cost control box options without auto boost include:

  • 50,000 lbs. load capacity, choose regular control box, PN# 100104
  • 50,000 lbs. load capacity, choose heavy duty control box, PN# 100106

3. Choose your stabilization legs (2 legs per system)
The stroke is application dependent, so determine where you want to mount the legs, either in front of the trailer or at the rear.

  • Front landing gear typically use either 16.5” or 19.5” stroke legs
  • Rear applications are typically 15” stroke

For <50,000 lbs., use 3.5” bore leg

For >50,000 lbs., use 4.0” bore leg

Shoe and Leg options
See chart below for available shoe options. For custom legs, contact Power-Packer.

4. Choose split collar assembly (2 split collar assemblies per system) used to brace legs.

  • For 3.5” leg, order PN# 100346
  • For 4.0” leg, order PN# 100348

5. Add installation kit

  • For a standard kit, order PN# 100417
  • For a kit with extended length hoses, order PN# 1010003036

Contact Power-Packer now to learn more about a hydraulic landing gear system for your application.