Tech Tip Tuesday: Vented Fill Plugs

Tech Tip Tuesday: Vented Fill Plugs

Unique vented fill plug design protects cab tilt system

During installation and maintenance of your cab tilt system, it’s important to keep the pump’s air pressure normal to ensure leak-free operation. Power Packer’s cab tilt pumps have a vented fill plug for the oil reservoir, a unique design that prevents oil leaks during on-highway travel.

Our fill plug has a standard SAE ORB connection, a special seal designed to prevent leaks. It also has an air vent system that protects the reservoir from over pressurization, which generally occurs during initial installation, but also can happen if any oil is added to the circuit during maintenance.

The vented fill plug allows air pressure to normalize during operation but retains the seal during on-highway travel. Watch this video to learn more about our unique cab tilt design.

*The vented fill plug is a North American product

Protect your truck’s performance. If the cab-tilt pump needs to be replaced, choose a Power-Packer cab tilt pump with a vented fill plug. We can help with specifying the parameters of your system and technical support questions.

If you already have a Power-Packer pump, be sure to keep track of your PP757900 vented fill plug. If you do lose the plug, don’t replace it with a generic plug. Contact us at to order a replacement part.