Tech Tip Tuesday: IP67 latches

Tech Tip Tuesday: IP67 latches

New design upgrades latch assembly ingress protection

Power-Packer recently upgraded its cab tilt latch and position sensor assembly with increased ingress protection. The new design better prevents corrosion and improves the life of the sensor.

There are two ways for a vehicle operator to know a cab tilt system is securely latched: visual or electronic. A visual position indicator has a pin that can only be viewed outside the cab. Electronic position sensors can be connected to the vehicle’s display or panel inside the cab to indicate that the cab tilt system is locked. Based on the system, the operator may not be able to start the engine unless the sensor indicates the latch is secure.

On work trucks and fire and rescue vehicles, electronic position sensors are continually exposed to dust, dirt, water and debris. To protect the components in our latch assemblies, we’ve upgraded the ingress protection to an IP67 rating.


What is ingress protection?

Ingress protection refers to the rating of protection against solids or liquids. Watch the video below to find out more.


Our upgraded ingress protection rating is part of our commitment to our customers. All Power-Packer products are carefully engineered to meet your safety and strength requirements, and our final assemblies are made and 100% tested in the USA.

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