Patient comfort and safety are critical during transport and medical personnel rely upon equipment that performs flawlessly every time.

Power Packer’s Stretcher Actuator is always on call and ready to perform. This reliable, self-contained hydraulic actuator is specifically designed for use in stretchers and trolleys, and features built-in guidance to handle high-side loads. This means that no additional actuation or support mechanism is needed in the stretcher or gurney’s design, which can lower your overall manufacturing costs. To provide optimal functionality, the hydraulic foot pump, cylinder, valves and reservoir are combined into one compact, maintenance-free unit. Power-Packer’s Stretcher Actuator is easy to install and built for longest life.

  • Zero-maintenance design
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Enhanced performance and operator comfort
  • Fast, regulated descent time
  • Reduces overall equipment maintenance and cost-of-ownership for end-users
  • Requires no external source of power

Stretcher Actuator specifications

Stretcher Actuator applications include: Stretchers, patient trolleys and other unique applications.

  • Stroke lengths: 11.0” and 13.0”
  • Closed length between mounting points: 11.8” and 13.7”
  • Maximum dynamic push force: 1,000 lbs. and 1,000 lbs.
  • Maximum static load: 1,798 lbs. and 1,798 lbs.
  • Maximum pump strokes till extended length: 17 and 20
  • Maximum static torque on plunger: 214 ft.-lbs. and 214 ft.-lbs.
  • Descent time: 3-7 sec and 4-8 sec
  • Single acting cylinder
  • Descent control: flow control valve
  • Pressure relief valve: installed

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