In a healthcare setting, there’s simply no room for hesitation, poor performance or failure.

That’s why Power-Packer’s manual multi-cylinder (MMC) hydraulic systems are designed to operate multiple movements within a wide range of applications. Our smart, straightforward systems allow you to select which cylinder to operate at any given time. An intuitive selector is integrated directly into the pump for the most compact, lightweight design possible. Choose a Power-Packer MMC system and you can combine a wide variety of single- and double-acting cylinders to create the optimal configuration for your specific need. All Power-Packer MMCs are designed for maximum life.

  • Operate up to four cylinders with one foot pump for maximum efficiency
  • Easy function selection
  • Single- and double-acting cylinders
  • High load forces are comfortable to operate
  • 1,910 and 3,147 lbs. push forces
  • System-tested and pre-filled for immediate guaranteed performance
  • Reduces overall equipment maintenance and cost-of-ownership for end-users
  • No external source of power required

MMC specifications

MMC applications include: Operating tables, hospital beds, psychiatric beds, medical chairs, stretchers, bariatric equipment, mobile applications and other unique applications.

  • Stroke lengths available 2.4” to 15.7”
  • One foot pump easily operates up to four cylinders
  • One to four single/double acting hydraulic cylinders: 1,910 and 3,147 lbs. push forces
  • Two hoses per cylinder
  • Selector and pump are integrated into one component
  • Selector function: by rotating the shaft, one of the cylinders can be selected.
  • Pump function: the selected cylinder is extended by pumping the pump foot pedal down. The selected cylinder is retracted by moving (single-acting cylinder) or pumping (double-acting cylinder) the pump foot pedal down.

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