Medical needs can arise at any time and in any type of location. You need to know that your equipment will also do the job, regardless of where a patient requires care.

Power-Packer’s DMI is a reliable, long-lasting hydraulic actuator designed to perform in applications that require maximum versatility. Ideal for situations with limited space, the DMI is designed with a pump, cylinder, couplers and hoses — all combined into one, compact, maintenance-free unit. Every DMI includes a pressure relief valve and a flow control valve to ensure smooth descent. The system is delivered fully assembled and tested, providing easy installation and longest life.

  • Compact for optimal versatility in a variety of applications
  • Cylinder and pump are separated allowing maximum flexibility in applications
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Zero-maintenance design
  • Comfortable to use
  • Reduces overall equipment maintenance and cost-of-ownership for end-users

DMI specifications

DMI applications include: Hospital beds, stretchers, emergency trolleys, operating tables and other unique applications.

  • Stroke lengths: Multiple possibilities between 6.5” and 9.8”
  • Maximum dynamic push force: 1,349 lbs.
  • Descent control: flow control valve
  • Pressure relief valve: installed
  • Single acting cylinder
  • Pump and cylinder connected through hoses

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